Smithies Original Gin (70CL, 40.0%)


Smithies Gin Company is the brainchild of Patti Smith and her two daughters, Jill and Beth, who have been inspired by craft distillers that are making delicious and original tasting spirits that also have a story to tell. The idea originated from Patti?s dad Donald?s beloved garden filled with beautiful plants, flowers and herbs. Patti first opened the doors of the Smithies Deli in 2000 on the site of an old Lipton Tea shop which was also a former butchers shop in Arbroath. Over the past 18 years the deli has evolved into a coffee shop with focus on selling a wide variety of spirits and liqueurs. As the popularity in gin has grown over recent years so too has the the stock of the deli, which now sits at 200+ different gins from many countries all over the world. The flavours featured within the gin include angelica root, orange peel, lemongrass, orris root, lime peel, grains of paradise, bay leaves, red currants, gooseberries and lemon peel.

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