Mackintosh Old Tom (70CL, 40.0%)


Created, distilled and bottled in Angus in batches of less than 300 bottles, Mackintosh Old Tom Gin is a sweeter gin which has been distilled with fresh pineapple and grapefuit. In total, it’s distilled using a bouquet of ten botanicals which are sourced from around the world including juniper, Mediterranean citrus fruits and locally foraged elderflower. The grain spirit has been cut using the pures Angus water. Each bottle is signed by the distiller and has been numbered with the batch and bottle number. The Mackintosh logo is the ?Lover?s? Knot, which is carved into a 9th century Pictish stone. The stone was found along with others in and around Meigle, not far from the Mackintosh family home. The knot is made up of an unbroken line over four corners that represent the endless round of seasons and is enclosed in a circle that represents infinity, the sun and the power of the female or Mother Earth.

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