Linlithgow Distillery Colours – Yuzu (70CL, 40.0%)


Launched in August 2020, the Colours Range was created to bring the colours, smells and tastes of the sunshine and the beach to your home. The range of 4 individually flavoured gins are great as standalone gins or can be mixed to create up to 15 different flavour combinations. The Yuzu Gin is made with a scaled down version of the flagship LinGin recipe using 8 out of the 12 botanicals including meadowsweet and orange peel. The liquid is then infused with a natural yuzu essence post distillation. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, classified as a superfood for its antioxidant properties, which is like a cross between tangerine and grapefruit in flavour. The result is a supremely smooth, creamy gin which will awaken your senses.