Crossbill 200 (50CL, 59.8%)


The Crossbill 200 is a rare special edition dry gin made using hand picked juniper berries from a single 200 year old specimen located in Cairngorms National Park. In Scotland it is rare for juniper to age more than 200 years old so when the Crossbill team discovered the rare specimen they decided to do something special to honour this time aged fruit. Made using only two botanicals, the handpicked juniper and wild rosehip are distilled within 24 hours of harvest in a 150 litre copper pot still for a gin that bursts with fresh pine and juniper taste. It is the perfect expression of a rare and magnificent highland plant captured and condensed. Named after the Scottish Crossbill, a small bird found in the pine forests in the Scottish Highlands, each bottled numbered with the batch & bottle number and has been signed by the distiller.

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